Mobile App Marketing – THE BASICS

To develop your overall strategy, you need to understand the many ways you can market your app. These ways lead to a comprehensive understanding of combining these methods for a successful app marketing strategy.

Mobile app marketing involves user interaction, from learning about the product to becoming a loyal user. It also involves defining the target audience, learning how to reach them, how to interact with them, and analyzing the behavior in their app to constantly improve as users move through the editing funnel. A mobile app marketing strategy gets users to increase repeat engagement and become loyal advocates for the product.

1] Conducting Market Research To Understand Customers:

One must do thorough market research before launching the app. Before starting any development work, you need to identify the key players in your particular app category.

2] Tackle App Store Optimization (ASO):

Search engines are not the only source to find content. If you want your app to be found organically in the App Store, you need to optimize its descriptive content for app store searches.

3] Social media marketing:

Researchers say that people spend daily more than 1hr on social media. You need to optimize social media channels for branding. If you start promoting your app on social media channels, it helps raise awareness about your product. For example, social media is a great way to build community and get feedback from users who will not be encouraged to contact you through the app or your website.

4] Create A Website Or Landing Page:

Mobile websites are the leading source of app installs. It has become common to create a pre-launch landing page or a teaser video for your product. Once you have the video for your website, you can recycle it by posting it in the App Store, on social platforms, or in paid ads. In addition to creating hype around your app, having a pre-launch website is a great way to get started with building your domain authority and doing some quick search engine optimization (SEO).



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