Mobile SDK

SDK (Software Development Kits)

What Is A Mobile SDK?

SDKs are essential tools used in app development projects.
Let’s explore the mobile SDK. We will explain SDK and why it is so important when developing mobile apps.

Every mobile vendor has heard the acronym “SDK” in discussions with their product and customer support teams. SDK is a software development kit, or Devkit for short. It is a set of software tools and programs used by developers to create applications for specific platforms.

SDK tools will include libraries, documents, code patterns, processes, and many more that developers can use and integrate into their apps. SDKs are designed to use for specific platforms or programming languages.

An easy way to imagine what an SDK is like is to consider it a first aid kit. In the first aid kit, you have various resources, including bandages, cotton, aspirin, etc. A software development kit is very similar. In the SDK, you will usually have:

  • API
  • Code Library
  • Documentation
  • Teaching
  • Debugging

All of these personal tools help developers create software products. In fact, on any development project, your project management team lead may decide that using more than one SDK is in the project’s best interest.

Importance of SDK for Mobile App Development:

Coding every tool and feature in your mobile app from scratch will take developers longer. There is no reason to code standard features already created for your developer. For instance, you want to share photos taken in your Android app directly on any social media platform. Instead of writing code for this feature, your developers can use the Instagram Android SDK toolkit to get the code needed.

Using mobile SDKs in development is a no-brainer when considering all the standard features your app needs. There is no reason to rediscover the wheel. Suppose you do not use SDK in development. In that case, you will lose valuable time in the market and spend more money on development costs. So using a mobile DSK is a wise option.



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