The Best Cyber Security Software Used By Chicago-Based Companies

Cyber security software is essential for a business or individual’s cyber security and privacy. Cyber security is a method used to protect networks, systems, and applications from cyber-attacks. It prevents unauthorized data access, identity theft, and cyber-attacks.

In this blog, we are going to provide the best cybersecurity software used by Chicago-based companies:

1. SiteLock: SiteLock is a leading web security and cyber security software with over 12 million websites under the protection of this solution. From delivering 360-degree security to vulnerability detection, from automatic malware removal to WordPress database scanning, features include web threat management, two-factor authentication, etc. It also enhances security testing for websites and accelerates performance.

2. Log360: Log360 is a log management and cybersecurity device that supports enterprises in keeping their networks and data free from malicious activity. With real-time analysis, correlation, and archiving proficiency, this solution monitors critical changes within groups and tracks suspicious user behavior.

Features: Behavioral analysis, AI/machine learning, incident, management, vulnerability scanning

3. Cyber Control: Cyber security project plan design and framework, fraud detection describing suite, and file security review for data privacy and GDPR. Datplan’s cyber control software allows organizations to introduce a robust cyber security risk framework while red-flagging potentially high-risk transactions using anti-fraud detection tools and file security tests to support data privacy and GDPR requirements.

4. Acunetix: Acunetix is one of the leading automated cybersecurity systems designed to combat the alarming growth in web attacks. With a wide range of automatic and manual penetration testing tools, it enables users to gain insight into vulnerability assessments and remediate discovered threats.

Features: IOC Verification, Vulnerability Scanning…

5. AppTrana: AppTrana identifies application risk status, instantly patches vulnerabilities, improves website performance through full site acceleration, and ensures proactive remediation of DDOS/emerging threats through continuous monitoring in one place. This application also helps businesses continue to identify the security status of applications through automated security scans and manual pen testing.

Features: Tokenization, AI / Machine Learning, Behavioral Analytics, Vulnerability Scanning, Allowlisting / Blocklisting.


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