Top 5 Plugins for your Agency’s Small Business Clients

How can one know which plugins provide the best actual value?

Web designers and digital marketers are constantly confronted with websites that host dozens of plugins incompatible with one another. These plugins are no longer supported by WordPress or are so intricately customized that touching them imperils the website.

How do you decide which plugins are worth it if you’re constructing or maintaining WordPress sites for clients?

Let’s take a peek at some of our favorites down below:

Atari: Atari’s WordPress integration is one of the most excellent options for firms that work with clients.

Atari was initially designed as a visual feedback tool to assist agencies and developers in communicating more effectively and handling clients’ demands more quickly and efficiently.

Atari evolved until we decided to transition to a complete SaaS model. Atari makes website management exceedingly simple for agency owners. There are two critical components:


According to Sucuri’s newest hacked website report, WordPress websites remain the most popular targets for hackers. When you think about it, it makes dialectic. WordPress is the most popular CMS, and its flaws are well-known. So, why wouldn’t hackers choose the simple path?

Just because WordPress has a target on its back doesn’t imply your clients’ websites should be vulnerable to hackers. What you can do is as follows:

A site’s comprehensive security should always include server-side safeguards such as a firewall and SSL certificate. That is your first line of defense.

Contact Form by WPForms

Every website must have specific pages and functionalities. The Contact page and contact form for a case are non-negotiable.

The contact form is a quick, straightforward, and convenient way for visitors to contact individuals on the other side of a website.

Because of its critical function in online communication, you must be cautious about whatever contact form plugin you pick.


Managing a large number of websites can be difficult. Managing backups, changes, and databases for various customers might be challenging.

It’s a lot easier with InfiniteWP.

This free plugin enables users to administer an unlimited number of WordPress domains from their server, easing their tasks and eliminating some of the difficulties above. InfiniteWP is a time-saving solution for all those “busy” jobs that are vital but time-consuming.

UpdraftPlus 3

Backups and security are inextricably linked. One cannot exist without the other.

And, while I’ve heard the brawl that you don’t need a backup plugin if your web server does it for you, I disagree.

I insist on using a WordPress backup plugin because I believe in failover. You should consistently have a backup plan or system in place for everything you do (including backups for backups) because you never know when one aspect of your business will fail or be lost.

You have complete control over how all the time your website is backed up and where those backups are saved using Updraft Plus.



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