Usually, Pain Points While Scaling A Small Digital Agency

Scalability is an exciting topic when it comes to agencies.

Every agency owner wants to work with the biggest clients, build the most prominent team, win the most significant awards, and land the biggest procurement deals.

Unfortunately, the path to sustainable growth is lined with potential pitfalls that threaten your ability to scale and your agency’s entire operation.
After reading this blog post, you can find solutions to what is holding your agency back and power through those pain points.

1. You Scale Beyond Your Skills: Your clients refer you to others as you complete projects. These new clients refer you to others; in theory, the whole process snowballs until you’re working with the top names in your vertical. Before saying yes, to a big project, take a closer look at what is required to execute the project. Do you need to bring in other talents? Can you partner with another agency that specializes in a new area? It’s better to turn down an opportunity you don’t deserve — no matter how good it sounds — than to accept it and blow away your carefully crafted brand reputation.

2. Your system is not scalable: Measuring services as an agency is complex. Because it requires a lot of manual effort and skill, you will always need help if you want to scale, but your systems and processes still require significant manual effort. Take the time to get your house in order with more scalable solutions before investing heavily in growth.

3. You Don’t Give Your Past Clients A Graceful Exit: As your agency grows, your service offerings are likely to change. Your price points will vary. How you build your packages will change for the new, possibly more significant, customers you’re targeting. As a result, you may have clients on your roster who are not a good fit for your changing agency.

Here’s what you don’t want to do: keep them limping along with your agency because you’re too afraid to tell them your growth means you’re not a good fit for their needs.

Growth may be the holy grail of most agencies, but it can be a double-edged sword. By planning to avoid the pitfalls described above, you can improve your agency’s ability to scale without compromising performance or integrity.


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