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Case Overview

In response to the increasing complexity and challenges individuals face in navigating migration and immigration processes, Ask an Agent sought to develop a comprehensive solution. They aimed to create a user-friendly app tailored to address diverse needs, from clarifying visa statuses to connecting users with qualified migration agents or immigration lawyers.

  • Custom PHP5
  • MySQL
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The Brief.

Ask an Agent embarked on a mission to revolutionise the migration and immigration assistance landscape by providing a centralised platform for users to access expert advice, compare services, and streamline their visa-related inquiries. The company envisioned an intuitive app that prioritised user convenience, security, and effectiveness in facilitating communication between users and migration professionals.

Our Approach.

To meet the demands of this ambitious project, our team at Ask an Agent adopted a meticulous approach blending technological innovation with user-centric design principles. We began by conducting extensive market research to understand the pain points and preferences of our target audience. Leveraging insights gained, we devised a robust database architecture using MYSQL and employed the CodeIgniter framework for seamless app development.

Through iterative prototyping and user testing, we refined the app’s interface to ensure intuitive navigation and accessibility. We implemented location-based search functionalities, enabling users to find nearby migration agents or immigration lawyers effortlessly. Furthermore, our team prioritized security, implementing stringent measures to safeguard users’ sensitive data throughout their interactions with the platform.

The Results.

The culmination of our efforts resulted in the creation of a cutting-edge app that revolutionized the way individuals seek migration and immigration assistance. Users now have access to a comprehensive suite of features, including expert matching, fee comparison, and online consultations, all within the palm of their hands. By providing a platform that facilitates informed decision-making and seamless communication with migration professionals, Ask an Agent has empowered countless individuals to navigate the complexities of visa processes with confidence and ease.

The app's success is evidenced by its growing user base and positive feedback, underscoring its efficacy in meeting the diverse needs of individuals seeking migration and immigration assistance. With ongoing updates and enhancements, Ask an Agent remains committed to empowering users on their journey towards achieving their migration goals.

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Increase in average session duration
Increase in page views
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