Easy DIY SEO Strategies you can use for your Chicagoland Small Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long-term process that helps a website rank high-rise in search engine results pages (SERPs). The sooner you begin your DIY SEO optimization efforts, the sooner you’ll receive organic, targeted keywords from potential customers and clients.

These are top tips for small businesses that want to improve their search rankings:

1. Add Your Site to Google My Business:

Google My Business is free and allows you to control what users view on searching for your business on Google. For example, when someone searches for your business or your business is displayed, you will control the following:

• Business description
• Opening and closing times
• Contact information
• Address information
• Links to websites

Also, list your site on Google Maps and enjoy ranking for local search results.

2. DIY SEO by Optimizing Your Site for Keywords:

DIY SEO relies heavily on on-page optimization. You control the on-page factors that affect your site’s ranking.

Place the keywords within your content:
• Title tag
• Meta description
• Alt tag
• Header
• Throughout your content

Here are some tools to help you find your keywords:
• Google Keyword Planner
• Keyword generator
• Keyword Surfer

3. Optimize for Mobile:
One Study says that about 81% of mobile users search for a product or service online. Whether it uses WordPress, Shopify, or another platform, your site should be easy to optimize for mobile if it still needs to be optimized.
Responsive themes will work on any screen size, allowing visitors to access your site on their smartphone or tablet easily.
You can test mobile-friendly.
Enter your URL and test it to see what changes Google suggests for your site. The test will provide insight into how the page looks on mobile and any issues with page loading.

4. Setup Google Analytics to Measure Your DIY Efforts:

Must have Google Analytics. Yes, you will be able to track your traffic to your site, but Analytics provides a lot of helpful information for SEO.
Google Analytics can provide you with information about your website that you can use to further optimize your DIY SEO for small businesses.

5. Speed Up Your Site to Maximize Conversions from Organic Traffic:

A study found that more than 50% of users will leave a site if it loads in three seconds or less. Speed ​​is also a factor for mobile search Ranking.
Focusing on user experience can lead to higher search rankings.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to optimize your site’s speed:

• Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN).
• Install a caching plugin or use a server caching system
• Run Page Speed ​​Insights and follow all recommendations


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