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Avion Technology, Inc, is one of Chicagoland’s premier digital agencies. Since 2007, we have successfully completed more than 1000 projects across 10 sectors in 8 different technologies. Our proven technology expertise at phenomenal prices makes us a partner of choice for our customers.

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Avion’s services include Product Incubation, Digital Transformation, White-Labeled Programming, and Digital Marketing.

Product Incubation

Our product incubation services help you get to an MVP at a fraction of what our competitors charge, helping your startup invest the savings into marketing your app and getting it of the ground.

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White-Labeled Programming

Avion also helps digital agencies with white-labeled programming services, especially in difficult to find skill sets like front end development and emerging technologies like AI and Blockchain.

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Digital Transformation

Our digital transformation services help small and medium businesses get into the 21st century, by digitizing obsolete workflows and helping leverage the power of mobile technologies to empower the enterprise.

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Digital Marketing

We offer customized digital marketing solutions to help get the kind of brand exposure your website/ innovation needs. You can rest assured that we will engage in white-hat strategies only to get the requisite footfalls to your web presence.

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See Our Featured Projects.

We have successfully completed more than 1000 projects in the last fifteen years. Our vision is to provide customer-centric, value-adding solutions that enhance the customers’ profitability and empower to fulfil growth targets in their own market segment. Some of our clients have ended up becoming successful VC funded ventures while others have had their products showcased at CES, Las Vegas.

Green Canvas Online

GCO is an E-commerce website developed in Magento 2 for displaying a variety of reusable tote bags.

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A comprehensive crowd fundraising platform that allows the non-profit organizations to create a cause, accept donations, sell event tickets, recruit volunteers.

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The Live Box

The Live Box is the ultimate video marketing system that facilitates and enhances the growth and sales potential of a brand and all of the products and services.

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Ask-an-agent provides immigration assistance to people in Australia.
This is an organization of registered migration agents and immigration lawyers. The purpose of this website is to get a quick answer to questions relating to immigration law.

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Truepath Health

Truepath Health is a platform connecting patients facing a life-changing health condition — starting with cancer — to highly-personalized, curated and appropriate-timed integrative medicine and supportive resources, information, products, and services in order to improve health outcomes, quality of life, and equity of care while reducing cost and utilization.

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Rem-Fit Fitness Apps

REM-Fit Active sleep and activity tracker:
This app consists of an accelerometer embedded within a wearable.

ZEEQ Smart Pillow App
The ZEEQ app is designed for use with the ZEEQ by REM-Fit SmartPillow.

ZERO G – Control your Adjustable Bed
In case if the user misplaces the physical remote that comes with the adjustable bed, he can control the bed with this app.

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Our forte is our pro-activeness and follow-up. Have a question about our services? Interested to get an RFQ about something but need some clarification? Need help on that eleventh hour project? Just need some more information about how all of our services work? Or maybe you just want to have a chat.

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Product Incubation

Today’s global economy could well be called the start-up economy. With millennials in the driving seat, entrepreneurship seems less daunting than before. No longer is business success a function of experience and wisdom. In fact, today’s businesses are enjoying unprecedented success on the pillars of innovation and disruption.

At Avion, we see ourselves to be the standard bearers of today’s innovation based economy. Thus far, our innovation workshop has built over 38 products over 110 releases and builds.

Our cost effective, programming sprints ensures a product go-to-market that addresses all three of a start ups biggest concerns: a tight budget, talent deficit and losing marketshare. Startups swear by our rapid sprint development methodology realizing that monies spent on product development can be spent on marketing by engaging Avion. This creates a more sustainable operating environment for the start up and makes Avion your ideal development partner.

To schedule a concept/ discovery call, give us a shout at or +1 (847) 798-4084

White-Labeled Programming

As a full service Digital Agency, your biggest concern is your win-ratio. In an extremely red ocean market, with constant pressure both on your top and bottom line you need to be ahead of the curve to not have a declining project win-ratio.

Today’s extreme rate of technology change means that all too often CTOs too are ignorant about a certain technology, for example Blockchain, when a client demands it.

Moreover, finding local talent in mainland US or Western Europe with a limited resource pool makes completing a given assignment or scaling up an uphill task. It is in this kind of a situation that Avion can step in to help resolve your programming talent deficit.

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Digital Transformation

Spoiler warning: We are firmly in the digital age now. Operating in a cut-throat business environment, organizations that succeed in today’s world will be the ones who leverage digital technology as a business enabler through all the different functional areas of the organization.

It is imperative for big business to hug the digital revolution if they do not want to lose their market share and position, especially in red ocean markets. Most CTOs today are still grappling with the pace of change of technology and are wary of the amount of disruption a digital transformation will cause, especially from a business continuity standpoint.

This is where Avion’s Digital 360 strategy helps you navigate the complex digital landscape. Based on a consultative approach, we help you create a digital strategy both for the near as well as the medium-term with minimal disruptions. We then help educate the respective stakeholders so that there is complete buy-in from the various constituents. Only after we have all the ducks in a row, do we begin the process of digital transformation.

Digital 360 can be applied to each facet of your organization, ranging from that social analytics dashboard to hear your company’s “social noise” to integrating that HR platform’s mobile API with your payroll to have seamless data portability between the two.

For small businesses, the situation is much direr. Workflows are often inter-operable and mostly on Excel sheets and sometimes, on non-digital media such as a paper trail. There are usually budget constraints and stakeholder buy-in is difficult, especially for family businesses.

All the while, there is investor pressure for growth and a workflow bottleneck helps kill any remnant of productivity and redundancy making your growing organization person dependent and permanently bureaucratic.

The bottom line is that the future is here and it is digital. Small and medium businesses need a comprehensive digital strategy to take them into the next sphere of growth.

Avion can step in to make sure that you have a seamless workflow powered by the latest transformative mobile platforms. You can say goodbye to legacy systems, worksheets and even that one employee who knows where to copy-paste that little piece of data from your distributor’s website.

Moreover, this entire evolution happens at price points sure to surprise you. We would love to know you more and see if there might any avenue of collaboration between us.

Give us a shout at or +1 (847) 798-4024 and we will show you how you can go digital.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is more art than science. In the hands of an expert, it can work like magic. At Avion, we offer customized digital marketing solutions to help get the kind of brand exposure to your website/ innovation needs. Using best-in-class strategies such as Social Media Management SEO, Quality Link, Building, Display Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Marketing, Content Marketing, Branding, you can rest assured that we will engage in white-hat strategies only to get the requisite footfalls to your web presence.

If you are a digital agency, we can help manage some of your bandwidth by handling some of the more time-consuming aspects of the SEO exercise such as on-page optimization and analytics monitoring, to ensure that you are up and about bringing in new business.

We typically begin an engagement with a brainstorming session to discuss campaign strategy, success measurement metrics and long term goals of that particular campaign. To ensure a 100% process transparency, we will be sending you a weekly update of all the tasks and activities completed in a particular week.

Avion Technology is a full-service digital marketing company, which means we offer everything from SEO to conversion analysis. It also means that we are your perfect digital marketing partner.

Avion's Process

The process has become a buzzword within the digital space. However, at Avion, it is our belief that whatever nomenclature you might put on a process- Agile, Waterfall, DevOps- it should result in value to our customers. And value is not only defined by budget, it is also defined by a faster go-to-market, reduced iteration time and a bug free delivery. The biggest hurdle in a successful offshoring relationship is a misalignment of expectations. Often, suave salespeople mask an incompetent delivery machine. Clients get fed up of untested builds, lack of attention to details, sporadic communication, and inability to ask the right questions resulting in time wasted in unnecessary hacks. At Avion, we have created processes to mitigate these very issues. For starters, our client success team stays with you from the project discovery stage, right until the project delivery stage. This ensures that nothing gets lost in translation. Most importantly, if things go awry, as they sometimes do, we can offer prompt course correction and bring things back on track. Secondly, instead of relying on the brilliance of an individual, we rely on time-tested tools like Basecamp (for collaboration), JIRA (for bug resolution) and Git (for version control). You get daily status updates (and yes! They really are daily 😊). The work is hosted on a staging server all along to ensure that you see the work in progress. We do a complete run-through of the project before migrating it to your server. For bigger projects, this is actually done in your office, so that you have complete confidence that you are getting what you have paid for. Most importantly, we have a dedicated post-launch team whose job is to make sure that you get help even after your project has been completed. What separates us from the competition is more than a decade of experience in delivering 700 + projects. Our crystallized knowledge of best practices makes the entire effort a collaborative one, where we add value to your project with our repertoire of expertise and experience. Below is a small graphic on our waterfall and agile development lifecycles. To know more, please contact us at or +1 (847) 798-4024


Do you or somebody you know need web or mobile app development? I guess the answer could be a maybe. Do you or somebody you know need some extra money on the side? I hear a big, resounding yes! If that is the case, why don't you hop on board onto Techbuddy, Avion Technology's rewarding referral program that puts more dollars in your wallet. The trick? Its simple! Refer a friend for our services and we will put 20% of the project's price right back in your wallet. Yes, you heard that right! 20%. That's enough to afford you that beach vacation in the Bahamas or the down payment on that dream car. What's more if you are a salesperson with an existing network of contacts, you have the chance to create an annuity if you can refer a steady stream of clients our way. Alternatively, you create an income stream if one of your referrals signs onto a monthly maintenance plan with us. Now that's some extra cash for simply tapping into your network. Moreover, you don't need to leave the comfort of your home while your refer away your friends to us. Think about it! Extra thousands of dollars a month added to your income for referring our services within your professional and personal network. They get great service and you make great money. Now that's a win-win. And yes, Bahamas in the winter does sound like a plan! Please feel free to send us an email at or contact us at 847-798-4024


Alexander Walke

“We have now worked together for some time and I enjoy your and your team’s professionalism in approaching tasks and responding quickly to our requests. You have always met our expectations and we are confident to approach together with Avion the next phase for Ask-An-Agent. I look forward to continue working together and to achieve even better results with new projects/phases which clearly would translate into a win-win for both parties.”

Mark Wehmhoefer

Avion Technology help my company create 65+ websites. Some websites were redesigns and others were new ideas. This was a three month project that was extremely successful in every way possible. Careful planning and meetings upfront helped pave the path to a successful project. Avion Technology was very responsive to modifications during development and in maintenance mode. As a team we had to make a huge decision to drop Drupal and use WordPress after some websites were already completed. Avion Technology came through in flying colors with nary a day lost in productivity. Avion Technology offered the best price per value and reasonable time frame to complete that I could have asked for on a project of this size. Other bids and time estimates were unrealistic for the project budget. I would highly recommend Avion Technology for future website projects both small and large. And my company, Programmer Solutions Inc, will be using their services again in the future.

Amy Jacobson

If you search a web developer for your projects – don’t search any longer. We worked with Pranay and his team now for approx. 2 years on our website project – 5 stars – Avion delivered on its promises.

Lee Karchawer

I have been working with Avion Technology for over 5 years and they do incredible work. Kalpak is one of the greatest people at the company and through working together we actually became very good friends. The company does timely work and is very detailed in the way in which they handle your project. They have a dedicated team that knows how to meet your business needs. Their pricing is fair and you get exactly what you ask for. Highly recommend Avion Technology!

Barry Saltzman

I have been working with Avion as a strategic partner for over 1 year and have been extremely impressed with their quality of work. Avion does an outstanding job of listening to a customer’s needs and developing a solution that exceeds expectations. From account management through execution, Avion has been a great company to work with.

Melanie Kemp

I’ve recently completed a project with Avion Technology Inc., building a website. The staff was extremely friendly, helpful and easy to work with. The project was completed much quicker than I anticipated and looks fabulous! Special thanks to Pranay for making this a stress-free project!

Derek Taylor

Our company hired Avion Technology to build us an app for Android and iOS and they did a great job. They finished the project on time and within the proposed budget. The developers we worked with were overseas, so we did have to schedule around our time differences, but their team did a good job accommodating our U.S. work hours.

Elyse Bandy

Great company to work with! Very helpful and responsive – great design at an awesome price.

Oluwagoke Ajayi

Working with Avion Technology Inc. was a great decision our company made and we will recommend the company to anyone. They developed our websites and apps at a very affordable rate; there is nothing as peaceful as working with a company that is very transparent and have good business ethics.

Megan Peters

“Could not be more happy with the work that Avion Technology did for my website and business. They were always available to demo things to better understand how to manage a website as well as answer questions about anything and everything. I cannot thank Avion enough!”

Tom Stoklosa

“I have worked with Avion on several web development projects and there work is always completed on time and within budget. Avion always provides very detailed documentation outlining the agreed Scope of Work to ensure expectations are met throughout the entire development process.”

Jo Boudreaux

“Avion designed and developed a complicated web application in record time within budget. They worked with me for a couple of weeks to brainstorm and iron out the project scope before I even hired them. During this process, their ideas for the functionality, security, performance, and future-proofing gave me confidence in their knowledge, experience, and attention to detail. The design and development phases were also outstanding and all deliverables were on time with impeccable quality. The project manager, Jay, stayed in contact with me to keep me informed of the status and to demo site progress. Jay was very receptive and responsive to feedback as well. He made sure he understood my questions and suggestions and we either worked out a solution right then, or he took the feedback to his team and had an answer for me the next day. I was pleasantly surprised several times by their ingenuity, speed, and excellence in changing the design or functionality to better suit my needs. The final product is aesthetically pleasing, responsive, and quick with smooth functionality. We are glad we hired Avion and we highly recommend them for your software project! They really value their clients and care about quality.”

Alison Dale

“We have been working with Avion Technology for many years, and they’ve surpassed all expectations. Avion is a fantastic technology partner with skilled and diligent engineering talent. The leadership team at Avion is highly experienced and passionate, and is willing to go the extra mile to make clients happy! We’d recommend Avion Technology to anyone looking for a team to help build and maintain your software applications.”

JJO Agent

“I can’t be happier with working with a company! Avion helped me realize my dream of rolling out a web application. EVERYONE that I worked with is Hardworking, honest and fair. The price was right and the people are better! Its been around two years of working together and I can’t imagine working with anyone else! Thank you everyone at Avion and I look forward to a LONG relationship. Always willing to speak to anyone who wants to know more about my experience. Call Avion and ask them for my contact. Sincerely, James N from Juvenile Justice Online.”

Kerry Richardson

“Avion has done an excellent job in the beginning stages of our project development. They have excellent communication and are swift to make changes. I look forward to continued success!”

Greg Pretsch

“Very Good Communication. Prompt service, and execution of projects. Rare in this industry, especially for this price and some of the staff being overseas. I would hire them again.”

Emerson Ravyn

“I don’t know where to start about my amazing experience with Avion Technology, the Tambe Family and their excellent team of developers. I had the opportunity to work with Raghu, Sonali, Amit, and an extremely talented team over the past several months to build The end product far exceeded my expectations of what could be delivered. Raghu and his team were creative in collaborating on solutions with my team. They were patient in understanding exactly what it was that I needed to be executed. During the most important aspects of the project, the team worked diligently and always found solutions to any problems that arose. There are a lot of moving parts, many of which were built from scratch. They defined “Agile” in the closing months of development. Though many changes were out of their control, they stayed disciplined, never showed frustration, and showed me that working with this team and this company was indeed the right decision. There were times during the course of the project when there was some confusion surrounding what we were ultimately building. This was not anyone’s fault; what we were building was unique, and It was a learning process on both ends. As they began to learn the flow of the site and what I needed, I began to understand what was needed on the client end in order to make this a smooth process. This is a world-class team, and they worked at understanding the nuances of what I wanted done with Ux. I couldn’t ask for more. They efficiently handled the delivery to our servers, and they are knowledgeable with every aspect of the development process down to the hardware level. Avion Technology is a great company, one that is about family and helping communities around the world. I’m confident that this team can build anything, and I am very excited to be working with them in the future to build solutions and help our communities. I highly recommend Avion Technology for all your software needs. I would be glad to answer any questions you have about working with Avion Technology. Feel free to shoot me an email. Great Job Avion!”


Covid19- Thrive not just survive We are living in unprecedented times. For many startups, getting through good times is hard enough, let alone times like these. Having led Avion for the last fifteen years, and having worked with hundreds of start ups, I can confidently tell you that start ups embody the American Dream. Today, with the economic annihilation that awaits, many start ups are looking at the end of the road for their own little piece of that American Dream. At Avion, I want to make my personal mission to help as many startups as possible tide through the current crisis. Over the last couple of years, given that Avion has used its own offshoring center to deliver cost savings, I would often feel like a pariah within the Chicago start up ecosystem. Sometimes it did feel like our hard work, commitment, successes, portfolio and value proposition meant nothing in a world dead set against a global delivery model. However, today, I can confidently guarantee you that we will get your and your start up through the coming downturn, unscathed, on the other side. We are open to working for a fee or a mix of fee and equity. Or any other arrangement you have in mind... Lets set up a call and talk.. At best, you will find a technology provider who will sustain and grow your dream. At worst, you will have a solid technology resource in your rolodex. Either ways, you win…. Fill out the form below and let's connect..

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