The Biggest 3 Issues Facing Most Agencies

Running a design or development agency requires an ability to tackle a range of operational issues. Many of these issues stem from client demands, which can range from complex needs to vague ideas that must be deciphered. All client demands vary in certain respects, but each must be considered and navigated in order to achieve success. While your agency brings a lot of experience to the table, development is always challenging and some issues are consistent across the industry.

Avion Technology specializes in the white-labeling of programming for digital agencies, providing a hybrid approach to offshoring that keeps project management in Chicago while delegating certain elements to trusted offshore partners. This approach simplifies web development for all of our partners by solving these 3 common issues facing most agencies today.

  1. Staffing In-House Programmers

    One of the logical solutions to clients regularly requesting complex website development is the hiring of an in-house programmer. At first, this decision makes sense as you consistently need a programmer and you want one that you trust as a dedicated team member.

    The clear benefit being that you will now have a developer that is fully onboarded as a team member, and working closely with every other relevant employee on staff. The issue that agencies face when making this hire is that one person cannot cover the range of specialties and skills required to program. The evolution of technology results in new techniques, platforms, and preferences that must be accounted for.

    An in-house developer usually does not have the bandwidth to keep up with developing trends, as their focus will need to be on client projects and deliverables. It becomes impractical for agencies to keep up with new software, equipment, and skills that in-house developers must remain cognizant of as the industry evolves. This is why staffing programmers remains a top challenge for most agencies.

  2. Outsourcing Decisions

    As a response to staffing challenges, many agencies decide to outsource some elements of development. This is a very effective solution, however, too many agencies struggle with the decision of who and where to outsource to. The choice commonly exists between freelancers, partner agencies, and overseas companies. Each choice has its pros and cons, but hybrid solutions exist that offer the best of all options.

    Coordinating freelancers can be a nightmare. These external professionals must be properly managed so that deadlines are adhered to, ideas are protected, and communication is consistent. There are so many variables here, and changes in availability, so some agencies try to avoid this path. Even more of a concern is when a number of different freelancers get involved and a project becomes unwieldy with inconsistencies and varying code.
    Outsourcing overseas is an option that many agencies take when looking to scale quickly, as costs can be cut. There are concerns related to language, culture, and work schedule, which some agencies struggle to manage. The complexity of any given project can impact its success and the hurdles that exist.

    Agencies like Avion Technology bridge the gap between outsourcing overseas and working with a partner firm or freelancer. We have our own team here in Chicago that handles project management and collaboration with our overseas team and our clients. This eliminates concerns related to overseas outsourcing by providing a local team that manages projects and is available for communication with clients.

  3. Scaling Your Agency

    Scaling any business is difficult, and creative agencies are notoriously challenging to scale. When growth occurs, new people must be hired, services must remain consistent, and business development becomes more complex and financially significant. The ability to scale requires an ability to manage growth so that all processes can be monitored and optimized while maintaining the company culture that helped you achieve success in the first place.

    In some cases, an agency was constructed around the founder’s expertise and brand. This sets the groundwork for client expectations, which can be difficult to move beyond. As agencies scale, growth must occur at a deeper level so that the founder isn’t expected to handle every major client interaction. Once scale is achieved, the founder will not be able to have his or her hands in every pot, which makes them a bottleneck should that expectation continue to exist.

    Avion Technology is a great resource for agencies that are looking to scale sustainably. We help manage projects, providing a range of pure backend developers that help remove bottlenecks for our clients. We work with our team in Chicago and our team overseas to ensure that clients receive the value associated with outsourcing and the trust associated with a local partner in your city.


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Whether it scaling, staffing, or outsourcing considerations, the decisions you make have a substantial impact. Avion Technology specializes in assisting throughout these processes. To learn more about our unique approach to programming, click here

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