Top 5 Programming Trends in 2021 So Far

Now that we’re a quarter of the way through 2021, a clear set of trends has emerged within programming. The rest of the year has a lot in store from a technology perspective and web development is a huge part of that. When it comes to building your new web project this year, you should pay close attention to the following five trends.

  1. The Rise of Apache Spark
  2. The computation of large-scale datasets was once ruled by Hadoop Map-Reduce. However, a new frontrunner has arisen over the last few years, and it goes by the name of Apache Spark. Many programmers and agencies felt restricted by the limitations of Hadoop Map-Reduce, as it processes data in the memory as opposed to storing it post-operation.

    Apache Spark presents an opportunity for cost savings and improved performance when compared to the other options on the market. It processes everything in memory and we predict that it will become the most common batch processing framework by the end of the year.

  3. Native App Development
  4. Programs that are developed to run on specific machines are known as native apps, and these are becoming much more sought after. The primary use for these builds is to run on smartphones. Being that Android and iOS are the two main operating systems, native apps are mostly built exclusively for these two platforms.

    Businesses are increasing their investments in native apps because of the significant improvements they offer to performance and user experience. While cross-platform tools like React Native and Flutter exist and offer a more rapid development timeline, app development companies will still drive major revenue through native app development in 2021 and beyond.

  5. The Triad of Kotlin, Scala, and Java
  6. The rise and domination of Java since its inception in 1991 is nothing to scoff at. Java programming is positioned to continue its influence within the industry, as Java runtime and Java Virtual Machine offer a powerful infrastructure for common programming languages such as Java, Kotlin, and Scala.

    The nature of software licenses is always changing, and recently Oracle altered the license for JVM. This means that every company that uses Java, Kotlin, and Scala is now required to pay significant subscription fees. Despite this change, these three languages will continue to dominate in 2021.

  7. Keep an Eye on Distributed SQL
  8. Databases have become a critical element within the software industry, to the degree that the world needs them to run. SQL has cemented itself at the top of the popular databases list because it provides durable ACID transactional guarantees. These are necessary when it comes to running business applications.

    Despite the expectation of continued prominence within the space, many companies are actively seeking a solution that allows for the retention of the ACID guarantee while parting ways with SQL databases. The two solutions that are successfully fulfilling this need are Amazon’s Aurora and Google’s Spanner. The issue is that both of these offerings lack SQL features that are still desired. Whoever steps in and fills this role will likely dominate this space beyond 2021.

  9. The Omnipresence of Cloud Technology
  10. The proliferation of cloud technology has made it accessible for businesses of all sizes. The degree to which the cloud is being used varies, however, studies reveal that cloud adoption has accelerated across most industries. At this point in 2021, if you aren’t on the cloud, perhaps now is the time to consider it.

    Popular cloud vendors such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have been doing everything in their power to encourage businesses to migrate to the cloud. Now is the time to take advantage of this technology, and even claim one of Google’s $300 credits for the year.

These five trends will undoubtedly carry us through 2021 and beyond. Trends change yearly, and as technology advances new doors of opportunity open for programmers and agencies that remain at the forefront of the space. We encourage everyone to do their research and remain cognizant of developments as they occur, as this list is by no means comprehensive.


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